Pricing Model
StayFrosty is an 'initiate and forget' system. You create an event (by copying a past event), alter the date and publish it. 15 seconds work max! The next things you have to do is open the door and welcome the guests at the date of the event. Everything in between is handled by the system! Vertel mij meer

Pricing Model!

StayFrosty has been in development for the past 4 years and actively been used and proven itself to be a reliable and workload reducing system. We are familiar with all administrative duties and challenges an organisation may encounter and realise that containing costs is always a challenge. We think that a pricing model for such important systems should therefore be based on earnings in stead of high recurring fees. We believe that our system reduces your workload and therefore stress. We also believe that returning customers are satisfied customers, so we will do all that is possible to make sure that the administration is one to remember and that your customer feel confident in doing business with you.

StayFrosty is based on a 'Cost per Use' model.

'Cost per Use' basically means that you pay an administration fee per participant of an event. Simpel and clear! This administrative fee will be determined bases on your turnaround and will be tiered. So the more customers you'll have the lower the price will become per participant. In the future it will also be possible to profit from advertising fees to lower prices even further, but that is entirely up to you.

For this, you will get full access to StayFrosty and all it's features including the one's that are coming up in the future. You will also have a say in the roadmap itself! So come up with an interesting feature and we may include it in the roadmap of StayFrosty.

Small Monthly Fee to cover expenses

We do have a small monthly fee however, which is kept to a minimum and is necessary for when business is slow due to Corona or seasonal influences. This fee covers all expenses such as the transactional based mailsystem, software licensing, hardware, backups, etc. Tis fee is waived when certain threshold has passed.

For this year the monthly fixed fee is set at 50 euro's per month which will be reduced to 25 euro's per month when participants reach 250 per month and waived when participants reach 500 per month.

To get an clear picture of al costs involved please contact us at

Fees are fair

Like we said earlier, we know the costs involved in running a business in the airsoft and paintball industry or any event based business. Therefore the costs should also be clear and fair for you to make maximum profit and for us to keep the systeem evolving and keep your costs at a minimum and profit at a maximum. We guaranty you more free time, lower administration costs and better insights into you business.

Fees in the future

Will the fees change in the future? Probably yes, but they may go down aswell instead of up. We have put a lot of time and effort into this system. We don't want to get rich and become unreachable for startup organisations, but we do need to evolve, continue development and pay for our holiday once in a while ;-)

What do you mean by less workload?

By less workload we mean exactly that! StayFrosty is an 'initiate and forget' system. You create an event (by copying a past event), alter the date and publish it. 15 seconds work max! The next things you have to do is open the door and welcome the guests at the date of the event. Everything in between is automatically handled. You have a dashboard and a daily update mail to see what is happening. In 95% of all published events there is no more action needed! This is how we keep it simpel!

What if the customer cancels of you have to cancel for some reason?

If the customer cancels or even you because of an unforeseen event, you will not get charged for any participants that has signed up. We think it is not fair to charge you if there is no revenue! This is how we keep it simpel!

Inzicht in planning

Uw heeft inzicht in alle evenementen, deelnemers en begeleiders/marshalls. Begeleiders/Marshall kunnen zich via een app (TeamUp) inschrijven op evenementen.

Online betalingen

Alle betalingen worden online of op locatie geregeld. Online betalingen loopt geheel automatisch, inclusief annuleringen. Uw heeft inzicht in de kosten aan de diverse provider.

Gemaakt voor de doelgroep

StayFrosty is gemaakt voor de Airsoft, Paintball en vrijgezellen/kinder evenementen branche. Vanuit dag to dag ervaringen en problemen waar men tegen aanliep.


Continue in ontwikkeling

Dit systeem is continue in ontwikkeling met nieuwe functionaliteit en inzichten. Maar ook u heeft een stem in de roadmap van StayFrosty. Heeft u een suggestie, dan kijken we ernaar!

Kosten naar omzet

Uw kosten zijn gebaseerd op omzet per klant, loopt het wat minder door seizoens- invloeden of zaken onvoorzien dan betaald u ook niet.


Het systeem is continue in ontwikkelen waarbij snel ondersteuning geleverd kan worden indien nodig.

Samenwerking met andere partijen.

Wij werken met diverse partijen die allemaal een bijdrage leveren aan het makkelijker en inzichtelijker maken van uw dienstverlening


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